ASTS, Afghan Simultaneous Translation Services specialize in high-quality simultaneous and documents translation services.

Our simultaneous interpretation service allows you to have your message heard in conferences, meetings and venues. We provide professional and technical simultaneous interpretation & documents translation services from Dari and Pashto into any languages especially English and vice versa, whether in business, government, or international conferences we have the right solution to make your event success

Our interpreters highly qualified and are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, on as little as tow hours’ notice.

ASTS is established in 2006, registered by AISA, the ASTS has built a reputation for excellence as one of Afghanistan’s leading multilingual translation and interpretation agency, our clients include government, local and international entities such as Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of interior, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Women affairs, national banks, UN, WHO, UNDP/IEC, USAID, EUPOL, AUAF, AISA, GIZ, MOCl, Etisalat and UNESCO.

ASTS provides the Art of Communication Whatever language, ASTS makes sense…

To derive full profit from a conference ASTS has created the best technical opportunities for the interpreters, the chairmen and delegates – regardless of origin to be able to listen, talk, vote, and understand each other. Our solutions – simple or advanced – make it much easier for the delegates to keep up the dialogue.

Superior audio quality
When holding an international conference with multiple nationalities and multiple languages the ASTS,Afghan Simultaneous Translation Services is indispensable. Highly experienced interpreters are required to pass on the translated word – and the Digital equipment ensures that the sound comes out exactly as it goes in. can be transmitted in superior audio quality to delegates throughout a conference venue without interference from any light source.

No noise – no fuss
In a local town hall or at an international conference venue – the digital Afghan Simultaneous Translation Services offers every delegates remarkably good audio quality. As the system uses a higher frequency band (2 to 8 MHz) there will be no interference with articial hall lighting or even bright daylight. Although the FM system can carry information over long distances, their instability to penetrate through solid objects such as walls and ceilings means that it is inherently secure.

Easy to install – easy to use
The beautifully designed wireless digital receiver fits ergonomically in one hand or slips into a shirt pocket and is easy to operate. Conference delegates can easily select between anyone of up to 2 different channels by scrolling through the menu show on the discrete LCD-display. Unused channels are automatically removed to make the selection even easier.
More than just talk
The digital receivers are highly suit able for more than language distribution. It can also distributive high quality wireless multichannel audio such as soundtracks in cinemas, museums, and the houses of worship or for music distribution.

ASTS Equipment

ASTS includes:

•PA system and mixer,

•Roaming microphone

•Suitable for 1 to 200 delegates,

•Translation booths,

Digital Transmitter

The Personal PA® 377 ensures people in facility receive direct, clear communication of your message. Push-button menu controls makes the system easy to set up and use. With professional sound features and an operating range of up to 1000 feet, the PPA 377 Is ideal for large venues where superior coverage is essential. This complete turnkey solution includes four PPA Select receivers (PPA R 37), each featuring seek-button channel selection with access to 17 pre-set wideband frequencies between 72-76 MHz The system is expandable, accommodating any number of listeners.

Digital Receiver
The PPA R35-8 FM receiver can operate up to eight channels simultaneously when used with any PA transmitter operating on the 72-76 MHz bandwidth. The PPA R35-8 features crystal clear audio, and is digitally synthesized for stable tuning. Each unit is built in a rugged impact-resistant case, and will operate up to 50 long-lasting hours on two AA alkaline batteries. It also features an integral volume on/off control, LED power and low battery indicator,

The IC-1 is a self-contained audio control center designed to provide all the functions necessary for simultaneous interpretation of one or more languages. As a stand-alone unit, it allows one or two interpreters to monitor floor or relay sources, activate one or both microphone inputs, and, route the interpretation signal to one of two language groups. Additional IC-1’s can be cascaded for simultaneous language interpretation applications. Each interpreter has the option of using a headset/microphone combination or separate microphones and headphones. The IC–1 is suitable for “presentation-style” conferences for 1-4 language groups, in which there, is only one presenter at a time at the podium. The IC–1 is not suitable for “delegate-style” conferences where a number of delegates speaking a number of different languages are carrying on a dialog or debate.
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